Text-Mining Software and Publications

Text-Garden Software Suite for dealing with unstructured data – in particular it covers (1) analysis of multiple modalities (such as text or social networks), (2) cross modal analysis, (3) components for  text and network visualization, (4) scalable implementations of many standard and newer analytic methods from the field of machine learning, text mining, kernel methods etc.

OntoClassify System for scalable classification of text into large topic ontologies currently including DMoz and Inspec.

OntoGen Software tool for semiautomatic ontology generation from text. Current version supports building taxonomies, future versions will support building ontologies with multiple relationships.

DocumentAtlas Software for visualization and interactive browsing of textual documents – it supports 2D view and 3D (VRML) view to the contents of visualized documents.

SEKTbar Internet Explorer plugin for monitoring user activities at the client side and server side components for collaborative filtering support – the software builds user profiles from users’ activities, shares them in collaborative mode and exports them into PROTON.

Slovenian Lemmatizer Web service offering lemmatization for Slovenian language.

IST World portal The IST World portal offers information about experts, research groups, centers and companies involved in creating the technologies for the growing information society.

META-NET, a Network of Excellence consisting of 60 research centres from 34 countries, is dedicated to building the technological foundations of a multilingual European information society. META-NET is forging META, the Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance.

Misc Other relevant publications