18.12.2019 Dr. Joao Pita Costa, JSI
Meaningful Integration of Data Analytics and Services in Public Health and Healthcare: a wrap-up of activities and assets that we refocused, developed and have ready to integrate in future initiatives
11.12.2019 Tin Kučulo, Leibniz Universität Hannover
ESR CLEOPATRA secondment at JSI
4.12.2019 Erik Novak, JSI
RENOIR secondment at Carnegie Mellon University
27.11.2019 Luka Bizjak, JSI
Probabilistic Soft Logic – Theory and Practice
20.11.2019 Dr. Miha Cimperman, dr. Luka Stopar, JSI
RENOIR secondment at ITMO University, High Performance Computing Department
13.11.2019 Maja Škrjanc, JSI
NFINITECH project  – Tailored IoT & BigData Sandboxes and Testbeds for Smart, Autonomous and Personalized Services in the European Finance and Insurance Services Ecosystem
6.11.2019 M.Besher Massri, JSI
OECD: AI Observatory
30.10.2019 Jože Peternelj, JSI
Usage of Batch and Incremental Machine Learning Techniques in Water Management
23.10.2019 Prof. John Shawe Taylor, University College London
Humane AI flagship project: overview and prospects
16.10.2019 Matej Posinković, JSI
NAIADES – A holistic water ecosystem for digitisation of urban water sector
9.10.2019 Maja Škrjanc, JSI
Machine learning in industry: the good, the bad and the ugly
2.10.2019 Aleš Završnik
Automating criminal justice
25.9.2019 Erik Novak, JSI
Enabling Research In Konferences @ IJCAI
11.9.2019 Giulio Trichilo, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
Deep Language Classification for Relabeling of Financial News and its application in Stock Price Forecasting
4.9.2019 Anna Chmiel
Spreading of diseases through comorbidity networks across life and gender
28.8.2019 Dr. Salman Taherizadeh, JSI
Ongoing work within the H2020 project PrestoCloud
21.8.2019 Avguštin Kastelic, dr. Dunja Mladenić, JSI
Ongoing work within the H2020 project SILKNOW
17.7.2019 Dr. Miha Cimperman, Klemen Kenda, JSI
RENOIR secondment at ITMO University, High Performance Computing Department
10.7.2019 Mihajela Črnko, JSI
The award winning academic online video repository Videolectures.net
3.7.2019 Dr. Branko Kavšek, dr. Dunja Mladenić, JSI
Observing User Mobility
26.6.2019 Dr. Mateja Jamnik, Univeristy of Cambridge, Cambridge
Inspection and selection of representations
19.6.2019 Dr. Daniel Schwabe, Pontificia Universidade Católica
A Framework for Data Exploration Environments
12.6.2019 Dr. Aljaž Košmerlj, JSI
EW-Shopp-Supporting Event and Weather-based Data Analytics  and Marketing along the Shopper Journey
5.6.2019 Dr. Blaž Fortuna, JSI
Qminer: Analytic engine for real-time large-scale streams of structured and unstructured data
29.5.2019 Jakob Jelenčič, Matej Čerin, Jože Peternelj, JSI
Mercator Innovative Allnighter 2019 / ESA: Living Planet Symposium Milan 2019
22.5.2019 Dr. Inna Novalijam, JSI
euBusinessGraph Review, Luxemburg
15.5.2019 Dr. Gregor Leban, JSI
EventRegistry: overview and progress
8.5.2019 Matej Posinković, JSI
TBFY public spending and procurement data analysis
24.4.2019 Dr. Daniel Schwabe, Pontificia Universidade Católica
Trust, Privacy and Transparency in Knowledge Graphs
17.4.2019 Klemen Kenda, JSI
PerceptiveSentinel: review meeting preparation
10.4.2019 Chiara Perillo, JSI
BigDataFinance: The stock market response to Quantitative Easing
3.4.2019 Dimitris Kofinas
Water4Cities: Spatio-temporal Simulation of the Urban Water Supply of Skiathos
27.3.2019 Dr. Jan Rupnik, JSI
What is Qlector?
20.3.2019 Dr. Simon Krek, JSI
ELEXIS: European lexicographic infrastructure
13.3.2019 Dr. Branko Kavšek, JSI
Using Words from Daily News Headlines to Predict the Movement of Stock Market Indices
6.3.2019 Dr. Janez Brank, JSI
Annotating documents with  relevant Wikipedia concepts
27.2.2019 Mihajela Črnko, JSI
MicroHe: Supporting Future Learning Excellence through Micro-Credentialing in Higher Education – Erasmus+
20.2.2019 Marko Grobelnik, JSI
OECD Expert group on AI (AIGO)
13.2.2019 Erik Novak, JSI
x5Gon: Cross Modal, Cross Cultural, Cross Lingual, Cross Domain, and Cross Site Global OER Network – Project Overview
6.2.2019 Miha Torkar, JSI
From Word Embeddings To Document Distances
30.1.2019 Matej Posinković, JSI
OpenProf presentationa and background
23.1.2019 Dr. Salman Taherizadeh, JSI
PrEstoCloud: JSI responsibilities / Demo presentation
16.1.2019 Dr. Inna Novalija, JSI
euBusinessGraph AiLab task overview / Graph Based Analytics API Modelling overview
9.1.2019 Luka Čar, Klemen Kenda, Samo Kralj, Erik Novak, JSI
H2020 enviroLENS overview