Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Jožef Stefan Institute

Ljubljana Slovenia

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The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is concerned mainly with research and development in information technologies with an emphasis on artificial intelligence. The main research areas are the following: (a) data analysis with an emphasis on text, web and cross-modal data, (b) scalable real-time data analysis, (c) visualization of complex data, (d) semantic technologies, (e) language technologies.

In collaboration with the Department of Communication Systems (E6) and Centre for Knowledge Transfer in Information Technologies (CT3) we have established a Cross-department laboratory for wireless sensor networks (SensorLab). The goal is to combine technologies for (a) sensor data acquisition, (b) communication between sensor devices, (c) statistical real-time data analysis, (d) semantic technologies, and to enable a wide range of research and development in different application areas, such as energy, ecology, transport, security, and logistics.

The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory puts special emphasis on the promotion of science. In collaboration with the Centre for Knowledge Transfer in Information Technologies (CT3) we are developing the VideoLectures.NET educational portal and organizing the national ACM competition in Computer Science (in Slovene).

The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory has a well-established collaboration with a number of academic and commercial organizations,  some members of the Laboratory are involved with Stanford University, University College London, Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School and companies Quintelligence, Cycorp Europe, LifeNetLive, Modro Oko and Envigence.