Roundtable at Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana (in slovene)

Marko Grobelnik was a part of a Roundtable: From Tool to Author: Navigating the Artificial Intelligence Field After the Boom

In recent years, in the eyes of the public, artificial intelligence has definitively passed from the field of speculation and science fiction to the field of reality and everyday life. Its increasing presence in the sectors of science, economy, education, creativity… is the reason for many discussions – from sympathetic to more worried. But they all agree that we have to learn to live with this technology.

Where are we a year after the “boom”, what exists beyond Chat GPT, is artificial intelligence primarily a tool or also an author, what is its influence on the field of artistic and cultural production, what are the trends in the field of large language models and computer vision and, last but not least, the regulation of the field – from the point of view of personal data, copyright and human rights.