…presents a web application which implements a pipeline for searching and browsing through newspaper archives.

…uses a combination of information extraction, enrichment and visualization algorithms to help users to grasp a large amount of articles normally collected in archives.

…can be seen on DEMO PAGE.

…won 2nd Prize Best Demonstration Award on ESWC2012.

Browse and Search.

A regular search form is upgraded with a faceted search interface to help the users in browsing around and is appropriate for explorative analysis. If the users know more specifically what they are looking for, they can search across several dimensions and get the search results with all contextual information. One of goals of Archive Explorer is to put a power of the queries and advantages of the visualization together to make context useful and transparent.

Contextualization and Summarization.

A text of news can be short or very long and we want to show an overview over a collection of articles without losing a user in endless text. Instead of a huge amount of text, we use just information that is extracted and gathered. If interested in certain topic, a user can see which people, locations or other important things are present and how they are connected with each other. Entities and keywords are handy to visualize connections between contents of articles to understand, discover and summarize the topics in articles.