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This is a novel alternative to classic newsreader apps. Explore news stories in real-time, filtering and ranking by the topic of focus, geography of publisher origin and sentiment.

Start from the overview of hottest topics and publishing locations or see all news stories and perform a search. Select any story you would like to explore in detail.

Different views on the same story can be explored by focusing on a particular geographic area (”How do the LOCAL media report on the latest civil unrest?”), a subtopic (“Among reports of the new iPhone, which ones talk mostly about its business implications?”), and positive or negative sentiment (“Give me negative reports on the recent Democrats’ summit”). We use the selected viewpoint to provide a ranked list of relevant news articles and a corresponding summary.

Initial screen

Initial screen

Central screen

Central screen

Optimised to allow users to navigate and explore different modalities of a story, iDiversiNews can list stories according to the most active categories, most active publishing locations or simply all most recent stories. The central screen shows a single story at a glance and offers controls for surfacing diversity. A selection can be further narrowed down by choosing keywords, selecting world regions or topics. Each item in the list can be examined in a detailed article view.



Credits: Render project