23.12.2020 Vid Kocjan
Methods for measuring bias in Natural Language Processing and their drawbacks
16.12.2020 Patrik Zajec
Slot-Filling and Relation Extraction
9.12.2020 Gregor Kikelj
Solving self-driving cars
2.12.2020 Erik Novak, Maja Škrjanc
H2020 project INFINITECH
25.11.2020 Dr. Inna Novalija
H2020 project DataBench
18.11.2020 prof. John Shawe-Taylor
A presentation regarding the ongoing work of IRCAI – the International Research Centre On Artificial Intelligence
11.11.2020 Dr. Žiga Zaplotnik, FMF
Simulation of the COVID-19 epidemic on the simplified social network of Slovenia
4.11.2020 Dr. Miha Cimperman
H2020 project COG-LO
28.10.2020 Jakob Jelenčič
New method for creating efficient domain tailored text embeddings using wikifier and latent dirichlect allocation
21.10.2020 Matej Kovačič
H2020 project CyberSane
14.10.2020 Jasna Urbančič, QMUL
Optimizing Embeddings using Persistence
7.10.2020 Boris Cergol, Head of AI at Comtrade Digital Services
Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3)
30.9.2020 Gregor Žunič
Hierarchical Classification of Educational Resources
23.9.2020 Matej Posinković
H2020 project TheyBuyForYou
16.9.2020 Dr. Luka Bradeško
Curious Cat app
9.9.2020 Mihajela Črnko
2.9.2020 Klemen Kenda
H2020 project STAR –  Safe and Trusted Human Centric Artificial Intelligence in Future Manufacturing Lines
19.8.2020 Beno Šircelj, Jože Peternelj, Matej Čerin, Filip Koprivec
An overview of the work completed within the H2020 project PerceptiveSentinel
29.7.2020 Dr. Aljaž Košmerlj
Update on the project “FACTLOG: Energy-aware Factory Analytics for Process Industries”
22.7.2020 prof. John Shawe-Taylor
Humane AI flagship project: overview and prospects
15.7.2020 Marko Grobelnik
Article in Scientific American “Is Inequality Inevitable?”
8.7.2020 Swati, Abdul Sittar
The outcomes of the CLEOPATRA Learning Week
1.7.2020 M.Besher Massri
Coronavirus Observatory
24.6.2020 Marko Grobelnik
H2020 project DataBench
17.6.2020 Dr. Janez Brank
Google trends API
10.6.2020 Dr. Ayse Saliha Sunar
Users’ Learning Pathways on Cross-Site Open Educational Resources
3.6.2020 Dr. Branko Kavšek, FAMNIT
CMAC: Clustering class association rules to form a Compact and Meaningful Associative Classifier
27.5.2020 Pawel Dlotko, Swansea University
TDA for medical data analysis, how can we help in the current pandemic?
20.5.2020 Luka Bizjak
Introducing a course on Optimal Transport
13.5.2020 Dr. Joao Pita Costa
MIDAS contribution to the global COVID-19 monitoring strategy
6.5.2020 Dr. Blaž Fortuna
Digital twins and new industrial directions
29.4.2020 Filip Kropivec, Beno Šircelj, Klemen Kenda
FASTENER – Feature Selection Genetic Algorithm for Land-Use Classification
22.4.2020 Jože Rožanec
A presentation entitled: Demand forecasting of discrete components in the automotive industry
15.4.2020 Matej Posinković
A presentation entitled: TBFY 1.0 – the first final version
8.4.2020 Swati, Abdul Sittar
Learning week in the H2020 CLEOPATRA project  – Cross-lingual Event-centric Open Analytics Research Academy Home
1.4.2020 Erik Novak
H2020 x5Gon project  – Cross Modal, Cross Cultural, Cross Lingual, Cross Domain, and Cross Site Global OER Network
25.3.2020 Dr. Simon Krek
H2020 ELEXIS project  – European Lexicographic Infrastructure
18.3.2020 Luis Rei
A presentation of his previous work and experiences
11.3.2020 Marko Grobelnik
Presentation of some of the CoronaVirus data, graphs and articles – first version of our IRCAI/JSI CoronaVirus Dashboard
4.3.2020 Dr. Aljaž Košmerlj
Results of the EW-Shopp project after the final project review meeting
19.2.2020 Swati
A presentation of her previous work and experiences
12.2.2020 Abdul Sittar
A presentation of his previous work and experiences
5.2.2020 Dr. Luka Bradeško
A presentation concerning the current status of the company Solvesall and the application NextPin
29.1.2020 Dr. Miha Cimperman
A presentation regarding the ongoing work on the EU project COG-LO: Future COGnitive Logistics Operations through Social Internet of Things
22.1.2020 Luka Bizjak, dr. Aljaž Košmerlj
Presentation regarding the 8th European Congress of Mathematics
15.1.2020 Matej Guid, insta text
Improving academic writing using InstaText
8.1.2020 Erik Novak
H2020 project enviroLENS : Copernicus for environmental law enforcement support