Marko Grobelnik panellist at Bled Strategic Forum 2020

BSF 2020: Challenges and Opportunities in the Post-COVID–19 World: Neighbours – Regions – Global World: Partners or Rivals?


BSF 2020 Digitalization as the Driver of Economic Recovery in CEE

The COVID-19 crisis is fast-tracking digital transformation across the globe, and especially in Europe affected by extended lockdown periods. Even amidst immediate crisis management, governments have mobilized more resources than earlier to support digitalization as they see its immediate benefits. Countries that are skillful in exploiting digitalization and move decisively in this direction may be able to come out of the crisis better positioned both in terms of the economy and in terms of their international influence. Crucially, the CEE region has unique fundamentals in digital growth that persist despite the crisis. It possesses a deep talent pool, robust digital infrastructure, which has proven itself during the past weeks, and vibrant tech ecosystems while lacking legacy technologies.

Can digitalization be the key driver of growth in the CEE? What are the key barriers preventing such a development? How will the new post-COVID-19 geopolitical and economic realities influence digitalization in the region?