• OPTIMUM Multi-source Big Data Fusion Driven Proactivity for Intelligent Mobility
  • EDSA –  European Data Science Academy
  • TraMOOC – Translation for Massive Open Online Courses (as K4A)
  • ProaSense: The Proactive Sensing Enterprise.



  • TRANSLECTURES – Transcription and Translation of Video Lectures
  • X-LIKE – Cross-lingual Knowledge Extraction
  • MOBIS – Personalized Mobility Services for energy efficiency and security through advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques
  • MEDIAMIXER – Community set-up and networking for the reMIXing of online MEDIA fragments
  • NRG4Cast -Energy Forecasting
  • METANET – Technologies for the Multilingual European Information Society
  • PLANET DATA – A European Network of Excellence on Large-Scale Data Management
  • GENDERA – Gender Debate in the European Research Area
  • ENVISION – ENVIronmental Services Infrastructure with ONtologies
  • ALERT – Active support and reaL-time coordination based on Event processing in open source software development
  • COIN – COllaboration and INteroperability for networked enterprises
  • EURIDICE – European Inter-Disciplinary Research on Intelligent Cargo for Efficient, Safe and Environment-friendly Logistics
  • ACTIVE – Enabling the Knowledge Powered Enterprise
  • PASCAL2 – Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning 2


  • ECOLEAD – European Collaborative networked Organisations LEADership initiative
  • PASCAL – Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning
  • E4 – Extended Enterprise management in Enlarged Europe
  • NeOn – Lifecycle Support for Networked Ontologies
  • IMAGINATION – Image-based Navigation in Multimedia Archives
  • SMART – Statistical Multilingual Analysis for Retrieval and Translation
  • Boost-It, Set-up of a Collaborative Permanent Network for Boosting
  • WS DEBATE – Stimulating Policy Debate on Women and Science Issues in Central Europe
  • SEKT – Semantically-Enabled Knowledge Technologies
  • CEC-WYS – Central European Centre for Women and Youth in Science
  • IST – World – Knowledge Base for RTD competencies in IST
  • Tool-East – Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning and Order Management System for Eastern European Tool and Die Making Workshops

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