Deployed Software Systems

The following selected applications were developed with major involvement of Marko Grobelnik and are deployed or getting deployed within production environments. All solutions were built on the top of Text-Garden software library (described below) developed from 1995 on.

  • EUROPEAN COMMISION – Analysis of European Research network:The system for analysis and visualization of research networks in IST/ICT in FP5, FP6 and FP7 programmes. The system works as desktop application and as web service (
  • BRITISH TELECOM – Anomaly detection and prediction in Telecommunication networks:System for analysis of tens of thousands of communication devices reporting diagnostics. The system allows early detection of anomalous trends and prediction of new critical events. The system is getting integrated into BT operational set-up. (
  • NEW YORK TIMES – User profiling and Visualization of Search and Browsing through textual databases. Set of components based on Text-Garden for profiling, information extraction, analytics and visualization of text and social networks which will extend user interface on the top of portal. (
  • BLOOMBERG – User profiling and recommendations on production portal.(
  • SIEMENS – Roadmapping for Enterprise Web 2.0 (
  • HIT Casinos – Fraud Detection:The system performs real-time analysis of gaming events in large casinos and reports suspicious events, trends, users etc. (
  • ISTRA BENZ – Petrol Demand forecasting:System for demand forecasting and supply chain optimization within petrol & gas supply chains. The system works in real-time simultaneously for hundreds of petrol stations for one of the major petrol management companies in Slovenia. (


  • VideoLectures.NET Web Portal: The largest repository of academic videos on the web getting increased popularity in particular in computer science academic environments (
  • IST-WORLD Web portal: Research monitoring and technology watch within European research networks (
  • OntoGen: System for statistical ontology learning (
  • Text-Garden tool suite: The software library includes all major text-mining, link analysis, visualization, etc. algorithms and methods for dealing with large scale document data-bases. The system was used in many smaller applications for research and industrial application solutions (


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