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Table of Contents

Jana Klímová, Veronika Kolářová and Anna Vernerová Towards a corpus-based valency lexicon of Czech nouns 1
Sara Carvalho, Rute Costa and Christophe Roche Ontoterminology meets Lexicography 8
Jan Hajič, Eva Fučíková, Jana Šindlerová and Zdeňka Urešová Verb Argument Pairing in Czech-English Parallel Treebank 16
Luis Espinosa-Anke, Roberto Carlini, Horacio Saggion and Francesco Ronzano DEFEXT: A Semi Supervised Definition Extraction Tool 24
Luís Morgado da Costa, Francis Bond and František Kratochvíl Linking and Disambiguating Swadesh Lists: Expanding the Open Multilingual
Wordnet Using Open Language Resources
Sonja Bosch and Laurette Pretorius The Role of Computational Zulu Verb Morphology in Multilingual Lexicographic Applications 37
Valentina Piunno CombiNet. A Corpus-based Online Database of Italian Word Combinations 45
Ivett Benyeda, Péter Koczka and Tamás Váradi Creating seed lexicons for under-resourced languages 52
Irena Srdanović and Iztok Kosem GDEX for Japanese: Automatic extraction of good dictionary example candidates 57
Julia Bosque-Gil, Jorge Gracia, Elena Montiel-Ponsoda and Guadalupe Aguado-de-Cea Modelling Multilingual Lexicographic Resources for the Web of Data: the K Dictionaries case 65
Pamela Faber, Pilar León-Araúz and Arianne Reimerink EcoLexicon: New Features and Challenges 73
Gregory Grefenstette and Lawrence Muchemi Determining the Characteristic Vocabulary for a Specialized Dictionary using Word2vec and a Directed Crawler 81
Ivelina Stoyanova, Svetla Koeva, Maria Todorova and Svetlozara Leseva Semi-automatic Compilation of a Very Large Multiword Expression Dictionary for Bulgarian 86