Visualization-map (vis.exe) is a utility for exploring visualizations created by Bow2VizMap. This utility is controlled through top panel in side bar. In order to load visualization from disk, write its file name in "Map file name" text box or use "browse" link. Than click "Load File" link. View of visualization can be controlled using other controls:

  1. Show document names" determines, if text documents are presented with full name or just with cross,
  2. "Show common words" determines, if common words are shown for regions of the map,
  3. "Show magnifying glass" determines, if list of most common keywords is shown next to the mouse pointer,
  4. "Font size" determines size of fonts on the map
  5. "Relief" determines which relief to use for background.

Zooming of the visualization is done by drawing a square around desired area. Right mouse button is used for zoom out. Mouse wheel is used to select the size of are covered with magnifying glass. By clicking on a project more details are shown in the second panel in side bar. By clicking link "Show document in browser" documentís url is opened in default browser.