Project Bow-Of-Words To Semantic-Space

The utility projects documents from Bag-Of-Words files ("-bow") to semantic space given with Semantic-Space file ("-issp") and saves them in Bag-Of-Words file ("-obow").

Parameter "-sspdim" determines the number of dimensions that will be used from semantic space. Parameter "-nrm" determines whether projected documents should be normalized.

usage: ProjBow2SemSpace.exe
-issp:Input-Semantic-Space-File-Name (default:'')
-ibow:Input-Bow-File-Name (default:'')
-obow:Output-Projected-Bow-File-Name (default:'')
-sspdim:Number-Of-Dimensions-For-Projections (-1 for all) (default:-1)
-nrm:Normalize-Projected-Vectors (default:'F')

Example 1:
ProjBow2SemSpace.exe -issp:en.ssp -ibow:bow.en.bow -obow:proj.en.bow -sspdim:200

The above example projects Bag-Of-Words file "bow.en.bow" to first 200 dimensions of semantic space from file "en.ssp" and saves the projected documents into Bag-Of-Words file "proj.en.bow".