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Department of Knowledge Technologies, J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Goal: Our goal is to develop new methods and approaches that will enable addressing different problems of Text and Web data analysis as well as Multimedia data analysis and Semantic Web by applying primarily Knowledge Discovery methods (KDD). Towards that end we are developing and using Text Garden library of tools.
For further information, contact Dunja Mladenic or Marko Grobelnik.


The growing importance of electronic media for storing and exchanging text documents has led to a growing interest in tools and approaches for dealing with unstructured or semi-structured information included in the text documents. In addition to well-organized and maintained text databases, one of the important sources of textual information is the World Wide Web which is expected to continue to grow in the number of users and amount of information available. Connected to that is also a problem of Web Mining involving not only analysis of Web content but also Web structure and Web access. Semantic Web on the other hand can be seen as mainly dealing with integration of many, already existing ideas and technologies with the specific focus of upgrading the existing nature of web-based information systems to a more “semantic” oriented nature.