Organizational Activities


Conferences organized at international level:


Workshops organized and co-organized at international level:

  • ESWC-2008 Workshop on Inductive Reasoning and Machine Learning on the Semantic Web (IRMLeS2010) ( at Extended Conference on Semantic Search, Heraklion 2010
  • IJCAI-2007 Workshop on Text-Mining and Link-Analysis (TextLink-2007) (, at International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Hyderabad 2007
  • KDD-2006 Workshop on Link Analysis: Dynamics and Statics of Large Networks (LinkKDD2006) ( at ACM Conference on Knowledge Discovery on Databases, Philadelphia 2006
  • KDD-2005 Workshop on Link Discovery: Issues, Approaches, Applications (LinkKDD2005) ( at ACM Conference on Knowledge Discovery on Databases, Chicago 2005
  • Workshop on Subspace Latent Structure and Feature Selection: Statistical and Optimization Perspectives, Bohinj 2005
  • Workshop on Complex Data Visualization, Koper 2005

Programme Committees

Member of program committees for all major European and international scientific conferences and workshops in the focused fields of research including: